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In my previous life I worked in High Street retail as a Franchisee for The Body Shop but, due to various personal circumstances, my association with Body Shop came to a natural conclusion in 2002,  which left me wondering what to do next.  My daughter suggested I do a Foundation course in Art as I have always enjoyed drawing, and I was hooked.  That led to a degree in Fine Art which concluded in 2006 and here I am!  Aiming to make a living from doing what I love best.

Over the last couple of years I have had to take time out to care for my elderly mother.  She died this summer –  peacefully and at home with us all – so now I am free to return to work. 
Most exciting of all, I have tidied my art studio and am working on my art again!

Helen Pakeman – My Work

I am best known for monoprinting – large pictures of faces.   Monoprinting I love, because you don’t need a press, and you can create really interesting textures and accidental marks.  

Recently the process I have been thinking about is linocut – looking at modern artists who work in that medium and considering how to extend the boundaries a little.  Loving this technique and beginning to think I may need to invest in a press…we shall see.  At present I am managing with hand burnishing, using lightweight japanese papers.

If you are interested in my techniques there is a little more detail on the ‘Monoprinting’ and ‘Linocut” pages.

I also do some work for a Charity which works with conservation of water in India and produce their Christmas card range  www.wellsforindia.org.  A couple of years ago, I was very fortunate to be able to travel with them to the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, visiting projects and meeting villagers.  This has also provided a rich source of visual images upon which to draw.  This spring (2012) I have just produced a range of Notecards for Wells for India as well, which will be launched this April so will get those online as soon as I can.  

You can find me elsewhere on the Internet

Helen Pakeman is not a very common name so you shouldn’t struggle to spot me online.
Faringdon Art Society Website

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