Lockdown blues


Hi All – I cannot believe it is so long since I have written anything. And the world has changed immeasurably in that time.

It seems to me, chatting to artist friends, that people have either found lockdown gave them time to be creative and they have produced loads of work. Or it has had the opposite effect. Certainly it is a little dispiriting having no exhibitions in the offing but I have found myself busy in the studio and have found it curious what I felt compelled to make. To start with it was flowers. Yes, flowers.

But now I find myself painting and yearning for the sea. Living in Oxfordshire we could hardly be further away from the ocean. Usually we go down to Cornwall in the autumn but weren’t able to do it this year. So I am feeling starved of ozone, and wide horizons, and being on the edge of things so am living it out on the canvas.

It is so long since I posted anything that it all seems to have updated (ie changed!) again and I now have to work out how to add the images…if I fail then please go to the Gallery, Pastel Pictures and have a look at my latest work.


Just a quick follow up to my last blog when I told you I had got through the first round of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Well, I was tossed out in the final cut – so disappointing but that is the way it goes. I also got through the first round of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition which is another big one but, again, didn’t make it through.

However, good news is I have a piece accepted in to the Wells Art Contemporary which has made it all the way through so that is encouraging. And I am looking at entries for the Bristol West of England Academy annual open exhibition. I have got work accepted there the last couple of years which has been great. I do think competitions are a good way of widening your audience, and providing a deadline! Both essential!

Entry for Wells Art Contemporary July 22019

Summer Exhibition at R A

It is that time of year again and boosted by the successes last year I decided to give the Summer Exhibition another go. I entered one piece – a Screenprint of my great hero Leonard Cohen who sadly died in 2016. I feel like he sang the refrain to most of my adolescent years – deliciously depressing, haunting lyrics – no matter that they mostly didn’t make sense! Most of his songs are etched in my memory and he would definitely be on my Desert Island choice. So, the Summer Exhibition, like most of the big competitions nowadays, has a first submission by email. They have around 13000 entries which is astonishing, and they weed that down to 4000 for the next round, when you have to take the actual picture up to London. The final hang is about 800. I have just received notification that I am through the first round – yea!!! great excitement. So I have delivered the pic to the RA and await to hear if I make it through. Watch this space.

entry for RA Summer Exhibition
Hallelujah1934-2016 Screenprint

Meantime Oxfordshire Artweeks is coming up in a week and I am exhibiting with Emma Ablitt again in Longcot which should be fun. We are in a new venue, the Old Methodist Chapel, which is not the easiest space to manage so a bit of a challenge. But it is always an enjoyable week, meeting lots of people, talking about what we are doing and, hopefully selling some pieces as well. I shall have screen prints, linocuts and some carvings to show, plus a few photos from my New York trip – a bit of an eclectic mix to give a flavour of what I have been up to in the year. We will be open every day from 11-18 May so I hope to see some of you there!

successful screen prints

Unique Screenprint

Unique Screenprint part of a series on migration

I have always found entering some of the many Open Competitions to be a good way of giving myself a goal. And to make myself finish work if I am being a bit diletttante. It provides a new audience and who knows what might come of it.

So, this autumn I entered some pieces of work for various competitions including Bristol West of England Academy, Royal Society of Printmakers The Masters, and Oxford Art Society. And guess what – I got pieces accepted by all three. I must be on a roll.

As we all know, entering Open Competitions is a bit like playing the Lottery. There are so many factors governing the choice of work which have nothing to do with the quality of your entry. Does it fit with the other choices ie how will the hang look overall? How many entries were there? What percentage of new and emerging artists do they want? And, as with all art, it often comes down simply to the taste of the Curating Artist.

Knowing this does not stop it being desperately depressing when another kind rejection email pops into the box. Thus I was braced for disappointment but determined to give it a go. I felt my latest series of work had merit so time to get it out there. Imagine my delight when it was accepted by all three. Happy days!

Migration screenprint

Unique screen print part of series on Migration

Screenprints for the spring

I found myself hugely enthused by the Winter Olympics this year, particularly the Big Air and other snowboarding events. The mid air acrobatics were awe inspiring so I set up my camera in front of the Tv and then used some of the photos to create Screenprints. I am screenprinting in the old fashioned way: I reduce my photo to three or four tones, then cut a paper stencil for each of the colours. The tricky part is making the four screens register perfectly on top of each other – just a few mms out and it is spoiled. I have found making them quite compulsive and once I started I found I couldn’t stop! I have Open Studios (known in this part of the world as Oxfordshire Artweeks) coming up in May where I am exhibiting in Littleworth, just outside Faringdon so it will be nice to have a completely new set of work to put on display. I have attempted to set up a new Gallery in My Gallery called Screenprints to show off the new pieces – so far without success, but hopefully I will crack it in the end. Technology heh! I will add a couple of the pics here as a teaser while I sort myself out! Happy Easter!