Mellow Fruits of Autumn

publicity for October Exhibition at CIrencester

publicity for October Exhibition at CIrencester

Well, it has been quite a summer with a great deal going on, not much of which has allowed me precious time in my studio.  Bits of work have gone into various exhibitions, most recently been Oxford Art Society’s show in September.  However, now Emma and I are gearing up for our Pop Up exhibition in Cirencester which we hang on Monday.  I am at the stage of making lists and gathering heaps of things I must remember to take.  This should be a new audience for us so it will be interesting to see how we are received.  We have to man this one ourselves so have divided up the two weeks between us – anyone wanting to come and see one of us, please get in touch to find out who will be there which days.  Wish us luck!

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