Just had my first retweet from @RWABristol

So, at the weekend I had a proper lesson in Twitter and how it all works. Finally I think I am understanding the point and I tweeted today about an amazing double exhibition that is happening at Bristol RWA which I have booked to visit at the end of March. It is my two favourite things at the mo, Ravilious – whose work is kind of familiar from his designs for Wedgewood etc and who sums up a whole decade in terms of his style and particularly the colours he uses – and then One Hundred Years of Fashion Photography. Recently in London there were two very good exhibitions which particularly covered the work of Rene Gras, and some of his contemporaries. There is something quite lovely about fashion iconography in terms of capturing the flavour of an era. So two exhibitions on at the same time which promise great things. And, on the back of that enthusiasm, i have had my first retweet…I think I am getting the hang of this.

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