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'Bluebird' card

‘Bluebird’ card

'Love' card

‘Love’ card

I have just noticed that I have let the ‘Exhibitions’ corner on the front page slip badly so now it looks like I haven’t had an exhibition for the last three years!  Holy moly!  Now I have to try and remember what happened where and when and stick them all in…it may happen or it may not…

…in the meantime I have updated the Gallery with some of the new work I have been doing so check it out – especially the Monoprints section which has some new fruity numbers using a new technique I have been playing with involving printing onto tissue shapes and then using them to print onto wet paper.  It gives a lovely clean edge and some wonderful textures.  If you would like more info then ask;  I have started explaining how to do it to people and watched their eyes glaze over so now I wait till I am asked!

Also, a new departure for me: I have been asked by a Gallery locally to do some Linoprint Workshops so I will start those in August.  I am really looking forward to doing them: I have put a maximum of 6 people just to start with, while I work out how many rollers and tubes of ink I will need.  I hope sufficient people sign up and aren’t put off by the fact they did linoprint at school.  It is such a simple medium but with heaps of scope to experiment and is great fun.  I made quite a lot of linoprinted cards for the Open Studios event in May and printed them onto some hand marbled paper I happened to have – they worked beautifully adding a layer of colour and interest behind the print.

And finally I have just enrolled with West Dean in Sussex to learn how to do paper marbling myself – a bit of a treat.  Lovely!


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