Happy New Printmaking Techniques!

Photo Polymer Gravure etching

Helen Pakeman Looking Out
Photo Polymer Gravure etching 260 x 180

2013 is going to be a good year – I can feel it in my bones. I have come and gone from the studio space in Witney – an experiment that didn’t work. It was too far to travel and I simply didn’t spend enough time there. Worth a try. So I have retrenched back to my artroom upstairs. Signed up for a couple of courses which is quite exciting. And just agreed to a couple of joint exhibitions; more of that later. I always find it helpful to have some kind of deadline ahead of me to keep me focussed and panicking!
I have booked further time at Rabley Print Workshop where I am learning Photo Polymer Gravure, yet another printmaking process: a kind of photographic etching – it gives amazingly detailed tonal values. I made a very simple etching plate last term which worked really well (illustrated above). This will form the background as if looking out through a window, then I will add a foreground, as yet undecided…still thinking it through. So this term I have leapt in with a much more tonally complicated photo of a wave breaking and am trying to convert that; ummm…not going so well…but early days. I have decided to do a workshop with Martin Grymmer who is the master of this printmaking technique. In the meantime I will learn as much as I can and prepare my list of questions.
I have also booked in with Christine Russell for some tuition in pastels – I have played about with them a little and love the effects so could just do with a bit of help from an expert. Christine is a member of the Royal Pastel Society, general winner of prestigious prizes and all round good egg (so I am told). Really looking forward to meeting and working with her.
So lots to look forward to and lots to learn, as always.
Today the weather is snowy and it suddenly occurs to me that the world outside is beautifully converted to black and white: make some pictures and print in white on black paper for snowy scenes. Just off to catch some pics before the light goes…once a printmaker…