New Year – new start – new printing press!

etching-pressHappy New Year to everybody!  Well nearly…this year is definitely going to be better than the last – I love new beginnings, full of promise and before it all gets spoiled by the rubbish that real life throws in your path.

This December I have finally bought myself an etching press, something for which I have been yearning for quite a few years!  It is a Polymetaal and the bed is 40cm x 80cm.  The reason I chose this is because I can use it for either relief (ie linoprint) or intaglio (etching).  It is going to make such a difference to the work I can do at home – even monoprinting can be done differently with a press.  In honour of its arrival I have cleaned out my studio room (!!!) and actually thrown away some stuff.  I think it is in the nature of artists to be hoarders and also I find people often give me stuff – does that happen to the rest of you?  I suppose the sensible answer would be to refuse but that is never going to happen.  So my studio is spruced up and tidy, my etching press is in place and, first thing when Intaglio reopens in January  I am going up to buy a few essential supplies such as blotting paper, blankets and so forth.  In the meantime I just go in and turn the wheel now and then a little wistfully.  It is waiting…


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