Monoprints, linoprints, digital prints, giclee prints: time for a new description?

The word ‘print’ is becoming increasingly unclear.  You can no longer describe something as ‘a print’ without qualifying it and it must be really confusing to the general public when it comes to the art world.  Is there any way round it?  I would be interested to get some feedback as to what other people do and say.

Monoprints are the worst of all as the very word ‘print’ implies a number (limited or otherwise) and mono is its contradiction.  It is original and a print, and unique.  Linoprint is original, and a print and unique but you can make a number of them which are nearly the same…so not quite so unique… I sometimes tie myself in knots and watch people’s eyes glaze over in the meantime!  Because of the ease of making digital prints the word has become devalued in art terms of lino and woodcuts; we need a new word which applies solely to ‘prints’ where a finite number applies.  And then there are Giclee prints…OMG!

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