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Helen Pakeman 'Fuschia'

Helen Pakeman 'Fuschia'

I am just posting a couple of the designs I have been working on, as I asked for help with a problem on Linked in and got such a wealth of helpful suggestions!  So here are a couple of the more successful versions: I wanted to draw a little on top of the design to establish some of the shadows but couldn’t find an ink that would hold a) on the rather thin Japanese paper and b) on top of oil based printing ink.  Both these images are without any drawing because, actually, I think the answer (thankyou Andrew) is thicker paper and FW Inks (thankyou Catalina) and I am still searching for the right Dr Martins inks to try.  This design is quite small ie 20 x 15cm and I think it could look good if I upped the scale quite a bit, although it will require some elbow grease, especially if I am burnishing onto heavier paper.  Think it might be worth a go though.  I am really enjoying playing around with the background colours. 

Helen Pakeman 'Fuschia 2'

 I am on a bit of a roll now and itching to spend more time in the studio experimenting, but life  seems to be working against me and I know I won’t get any more done this week.  I  am away for a few days so will sneak some linos to cut into the baggage…

Any comments/suggestions would be gratefully received.


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