Follow up to Ursula Fookes story

Follow up to Ursula Fookes story: someone rang me, having seen my Tweet and blog post, to say that his wife had bought a whole lot of stuff at an auction some time ago which turns out to be Ursula Fookes’ sketchbooks and preparatory drawings for some of her iconic linocuts. He is going to try and get hold of Ursula’s neice (as in Antiques Roadshow) and see if she would be interested. Did not, foolishly, get hold of the gentleman’s contact details as i thought afterwards that if the BBC cant help him, then he could go via Bonhams where i do have a name he could follow up, as they sold the pictures for the neice. So, if you are out there reading this and need that name, give me a ring again. Also thought afterwards that i would love to have seen the sketchbooks etc before they went anywhere. The power of the internet!

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