Back to printing at last!

Finally I am back in my studio doing some work with linocuts; just playing with the new soft lino to see what effects you can get.  I am cutting it out and inking it up as if it was a jigsaw almost, and the results look a bit like it is screenprinted.

Then, once it is dry, I intend to work on top with more linocut, and maybe drawing and/or collage.  This process seems to get round some of the problems that you can get with linoprints of putting lots of colours in, as it gives you your background colours all in one go.  It is also quite an interesting exercise to break images down into their simplest components of composition.  I can’t tell you how lovely it is to be back at work: my studio floor is covered with bits of paper drying out which makes me feel very happy!  All that potential waiting to be unleashed! 

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