Lockdown blues

Hi All – I cannot believe it is so long since I have written anything. And the world has changed immeasurably in that time.

It seems to me, chatting to artist friends, that people have either found lockdown gave them time to be creative and they have produced loads of work. Or it has had the opposite effect. Certainly it is a little dispiriting having no exhibitions in the offing but I have found myself busy in the studio and have found it curious what I felt compelled to make. To start with it was flowers. Yes, flowers.

But now I find myself painting and yearning for the sea. Living in Oxfordshire we could hardly be further away from the ocean. Usually we go down to Cornwall in the autumn but weren’t able to do it this year. So I am feeling starved of ozone, and wide horizons, and being on the edge of things so am living it out on the canvas.

It is so long since I posted anything that it all seems to have updated (ie changed!) again and I now have to work out how to add the images…if I fail then please go to the Gallery, Pastel Pictures and have a look at my latest work.

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