Morandi’s work @Estorick has unique quality of contentment with the domestic

Helen-Pakeman-Still-Life after Morandi

My blog has taken a bit of a powder lately as my sister has not been at all well and i dont seem to have had any space in my head for much else. I have been doing a bit of work and it has been mostly very contained still life after the style of Morandi but done in linocut. I will attach one just to give an idea, but definitely a work in progress. When you are very ill, your life shrinks to a smaller and smaller circle; first it drops to your home, then to your room, then to your bed and accepting that restriction graciously requires great courage – especially if your sphere of influence was global. Morandi painted domestic still lifes of very humble bottles and pots over and over again which have a curious contentment and stillness about them – as if everything he needs to say can be contained within those everyday items, so there are some very clear parallels for me. Some of his work is held at the Estorick Gallery in London and is definitely worth a visit. I have an exhibition coming up for Artsweek so hope to pull these together in time to put some Still Life work into that, if i can.
PS I didnt get selected for Art in Action this year. As it turns out, thank goodness i didnt because i would have been in full panic by now! Try again next year, when life will be a little more straightforward.

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