Grayson Perry exhibition @britishmuseum- what a winner!

Grayson Perry’s exhibition at the British Museum was a must-see. I wonder how many people were put off by the outrageous exhibitionism of the artist which is a shame because he is articulate, intelligent and very accessible. It is such a wondrous and enviable idea: to be let loose in the British Museum Archive; to rootle around in their drawers and dusty cabinets (ok it may not be quite like that). Perry’s choices are wonderfully personal and they bring these artifacts to life by anchoring them to the people who made/used them so long ago. Another surprise was that I thought I would be able to pick out what was Grayson Perry, and what was antique but I often couldn’t, so cleverly did he involve himself with the curiousities. With Perry it is always about the detail; on his pots the beauty of the shapes and colours draw you in, but the detail keeps you looking. And this whole exhibition was just the same. And you just keep on chuckling. Well done the British Museum to put on such a knowing and quite brave exhibition. More like that please.

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