Just a quick follow up to my last blog when I told you I had got through the first round of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Well, I was tossed out in the final cut – so disappointing but that is the way it goes. I also got through the first round of the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition which is another big one but, again, didn’t make it through.

However, good news is I have a piece accepted in to the Wells Art Contemporary which has made it all the way through so that is encouraging. And I am looking at entries for the Bristol West of England Academy annual open exhibition. I have got work accepted there the last couple of years which has been great. I do think competitions are a good way of widening your audience, and providing a deadline! Both essential!

Entry for Wells Art Contemporary July 22019

Projects and Workshops

Life seems to be unusually busy at the moment and I feel like I am splitting myself in several directions at once.  Projects, workshops and lampshades, I will explain…

I have an exciting project on the go which is a collaborative venture.  One of the biggest challenges with working as an artist is that it can be quite solitary, and unless you have a deadline, it is very easy to get sidetracked (into lampshades etc see below).  So, together with a friend, Naomi,  we have decided to work on a project together.  We are both very interested in the subject of ‘memory’.  Everyone can have a distinct memory of the same event and it be quite different, and although you think you remember clearly, actually there are often gaping holes.  Intriguing!  So that is our starting point; we are going to travel with it and see where we arrive.

Meantime I am embracing teaching as I have so much enjoyed it.  I have been asked by the Craft Barn in Lechlade to do a White Line Woodcut Workshop for them in April and hope to increase that side of things in 2017.  White Line Woodcut and Monoprint would be my favourite ways of working I think although I have booked up for a week learning Screenprinting at West Dean in January.  My treat to me!

At the same time I had a good idea (!) which involved using old embroidered tablecloths to make lampshades and/or quilts – I have started with lampshades as they are smaller  and they are, of necessity, a bit frilly but quite pretty I think – below a couple of examples – what do you think?  If I am going to run with this then I need to access cheap tablecloths – the irony is that everybody’s aunty has a shelf somewhere full of them, often teastained (which doesn’t matter to me) but how to get hold of them?  The second problem is how to access a market for them.  The trouble, as usual, is that I really like making things, and then lose interest a bit when it comes to trying to sell them.  What I need is an agent…or perhaps I should investigate Etsy?





National Print Exhibition Bankside London

pure white line woodblock

pure white line woodcut

Just a very quick post as I am a bit swamped with work but just wanted to let the world know that I have two pieces of work selected for the National Original Print Exhibition in Bankside, London.  I am really excited as I entered 4 prints for selection and had 2 accepted – competitions are such a lottery that one is always braced for rejection!  Both pieces are white line woodcut and maybe the novelty of that process helped – I feel like I am operating a one woman revival of white line woodcut!

This is one of the prints that was accepted and I rashly said I had an edition of 8 so when the print got in I had to speedily make the edition before I lost sight of the original.  Hey ho!  So, the Exhibition is on from 21 September til 2 October and is just below Tate Modern (next venue?) so if anyone is in London please do pop in and let me know what you think.

Meanwhile I am offering Workshops in White Line Woodcut – one in October in Faringdon so get in touch if you are interested.

Gotta go now…fish to carve, people to see…


White Line Woodblock Printing

Just before Christmas I discovered a form of printing that was quite new to me – White Line Woodblock.  I thought I would do a post about it because it is really low tech and could easily be done on the kitchen table which makes it beautifully accessible to anyone.

It was dreamed up in America in 1915 as a way of getting multi-coloured prints from a single woodblock, using watercolour.  There is a good explanation online at so I won’t go into too much detail, other than to say that they fix the paper with screws and I do it with masking tape (pic below): sorry it is a little indistinct but it is japanese paper, hence you can see the woodcut underneath and is attached on the left side.

demo to attach paper

demo to attach paper

Key top tips I have learned so far:

  1. damp the wood before applying the watercolour.
  2. Use a paper that is absorbent, not watercolour paper.  Blotting paper works really well, interestingly.
  3. apply thin layers of colour, working from light to dark.  Depending on the effect you want, let the paper dry in between applications.
  4. Plywood woodblocks are very adequate, and don’t forget you can use both sides (but not at once!)
  5. Because you are working on one section at a time you can apply as much colour as you like.  Go mad!

There are surprisingly few artists working in white colour woodblock.  I think it has huge possibilities especially if combined with monoprint for example.  I have attached a few of my effortsRefugee 1 just to give an idea of the kind of variety of effect that can be achieved.


pure white line woodblock

pure white line woodblock

tango in blue dress